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Adolf Wölfli Univers, LaM, Villeneuve d'Ascq/Lille
Adolf Wölfli in Ingelheim, Internationale Tage Ingelheim
Trisha Donnelly Wade Guyton, Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

On Publications, Portraits, Public Art, and Performance, Modern Institute Glasgow
Belles Idées à Belle-Idée, Geneva
Of Objects, Fields, and Mirrors, Kunsthaus Glarus
Collectors Days 10, Hotel Castell, Zuoz
Frame Frieze Art Fair, London
Tbilisi Studio, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi 6. Never On Sunday, Tbilisi, Georgia
The Fantastic Tavern: The Tbilisi Avant-Garde, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York
Collectors Days 09, Hotel Castell, Zuoz
Frame Frieze Art Fair, London

Tbilisi 5. Wednesday Was Thursday, Tbilisi, Georgia
Records Played Backwards, The Modern Institute, Glasgow
Sunset I Love the HorizonLe Magasin, Grenoble
Collectors Days 08, Hotel Castell, Zuoz
IMAGES a project by spike art magazine. IMAGES by HEAD, Forde, Geneva

Tbilisi 4. Everyday Is Saturday 07, Tbilisi, Georgia
hylden/carter/final run ins/used future/kaplan, Art Basel
Used Future & Nieves at Ecart/Art Basel 07, Art Basel
Collectors Days 07, Hotel Castell, Zuoz
Used Future #20
Shift Electronic Arts Festival, Basel

Pose and Sculpture, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York
Tbilisi 3. Let's Stay Alive Till Monday, Tbilisi, Georgia
Compiler*2. From Here to the Ocean 06
Parabol Art Magazine "The Supplement Issue"

Packaging. Baldessari, Price, Psychopathology and Pictorial Expression, Forde, Geneva
Tbilisi 2. Wednesday Calls the Future, Tbilisi, Georgia

Context, Form, Troy, Secession, Wien
Herbstkatalog Lederfransen 04 - Autumn Catalog Leather Fringes, Kunsthalle Basel
Tuesday Is Gone, Tbilisi, Georgia
Nordtangente-Kunsttangente (2002-2010), Art in public space, Basel

Tbilisi 09/08/07/06/05/04 Tbilisi 6. Never On Sunday-Tbilisi 5. Wednesday Was Thursday 08-Tbilisi 4. Everyday Is Saturday 07-Tbilisi 3. Let's Stay Alive Till Monday 06-Tbilisi 2. Wednesday Calls the Future 05-Tuesday Is Gone

1999-2003 Galerie Francesca Pia--Pia's Soiree--International Neurotic Realism: Bern Now!--3. Videofestival. Start Your Engines!--Lyric Theatre--Johnny Be Good

the world: I ATe monacO++continued++WALL PAINTINGS++The Responsive Eye++Martin Kippenberger++Tito in Sarajevo

radio arthur...betty tompkins...bicyle...after the goldrush